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kindness activist

Friday, February 9, 2018

Coupon Kindness

This post is to show you an EASY WAY to spread kindness.


I like to cut out coupons (yes, real live paper old-school coupons) and use them to save money on our groceries, toiletries, and cleaning products.  I am not like the people you see on the television shows who cut every single coupon they come across and buy tons of products they do not need (or really want) just because they have a coupon and can get the item for cheap or "free".  My system is to only clip the coupons for products that we typically use.

But even though I am not clipping stacks and stacks of coupons, there are still times when I have extras that I am not going to use.  For example, if I know we need toilet paper, I may clip coupons for 3 different brands and then go to the store and compare prices, choosing 1 and using only 1 coupon.

What to do with the other 2 coupons that we don't use??

GIVE THEM TO SOMEONE ELSE, OF COURSE!  Why let them go to waste??

I used to just leave the coupons on the shelf next to the item, but I worried they would get lost or people wouldn't see them.  So I came up with a new, very simple solution:  tape.  I now keep a roll of tape in the glove box of my car.  When I grocery shop with coupons, I bring the tape into the store with me.  When I have a coupon I am not going to use, I simply tape it near the item on the shelf.  Or you could tape it onto the item itself.  This makes it very easy for the next person to find and use.

You are already bringing coupons with you, might as well carry a roll of tape, too
I like to think that this tiny act of kindness makes the shopper who finds the coupon smile.  Who doesn't like to save a bit on their grocery bill, right?  Every penny adds up.

Taping up the extra coupons only takes a moment, but it spreads a bit of kindness
What little acts of kindness do YOU do to make the world a bit brighter?  Email me at and tell me about them!