kindness activist

kindness activist

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pizza Kindness

All my life (at least my adult life) I have been sort of obsessed with the concept of the “win ____ for ___” deals.  Like, “Win free coffee for a year!” or “Win free fried chicken for life!” or “Win free movies for a year!”.  Like, the “fill in the blanks” don’t even really matter to me, it is just the CONCEPT of being granted SOMETHING, anything really*, for a specified amount of time that seems magical to me!!  

So when I saw an announcement last night that a new pizza place was opening up in our neighborhood, and they were giving the first ten people in line FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR…  Yeah, you could say I got a little excited… 

This is the place - 1000 Degrees Pizza!
But there was a huge glitch – I have to WORK today.  I couldn’t really stand in line from the butt crack of dawn to try and win free pizza.  Sigh. 

And that is where a KINDNESS ACTIVIST stepped in - my partner David!!  He is not as enamored of the “free ___ for ___” deals as I am, but he is quite fond of me, so he said HE OFFERED TO DO IT, HE VOLUNTEERED AS TRIBUTE TO STAND IN LINE! 

Always a Gallant, never a Goofus, that's David
Understand – David has been working a lot lately.  He has been super busy, and he has today OFF.  His only commitment today is to wait for a city inspector to come by and (hopefully) give us the thumbs up on a recent project.  So David could have slept in.  But no, he chose to be uber kind and grant my dream of “free ___ for ____”.  He got in line at the pizza place at 8:00 am and settled in as number 9!!!  Remember, the 1st TEN people got free pizza for a year – MY MAN WAS NUMBER 9!!!! 

Some of the line!!  Almost time to open up!  The guy with the folded chair was right behind David,
so all of the people behind him are there for ONE free pizza, not the infamous "FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR"!
He got to know his line-mates, who included a couple with what seemed like a very new baby, the guy in position number 1 who got there at 5:15 am (man must love him some pizza!), a man with his teenage son who was cutting classes to score pizza (and, I am sure, spend quality time with Dad, which is cool), and others.  The funky donut shop nearby handed out free donuts to the waiters (thanks Sugar Shack!).  I rushed down and delivered a sweater (it was breezy), coffee, and a bagel. 

And David waited.
Patiently waiting
And SCORED!!!  Yes siree folks, dreams do come true.  David is the proud owner of FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR!  He has 52 shiny coupons, each one good for a pizza (coupon value not to exceed $9.95).  Isn’t that amazing????  I am over the moon that he was kind enough to wake up early and give up his morning for me.  Heck, we almost never even EAT pizza, and when we do, we make it ourselves using Trader Joe’s dough!  Hahahaha.  But like I mentioned earlier, this whole quest isn’t about whatever fills in the blank (in this case, pizza), it is about a FULFILLING A DREAM!

David – you, my dear, are a Kindness Activist.  Not many partners would be willing to spend 3 hours patiently waiting for pizza.  I adore you.

The proud new owner with a mad rush!!

David's free pizza getting sauced

Beautiful view of the line - making pies

And for the rest of you – if you live in the DC area, check out 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza on the Pike!  It is at 3400 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA.  If you “like” them on Facebook or “follow” them on Twitter, you can get a FREE 10” pizza today (Wednesday October 5, 2016).  They are open until 10:00 PM.  David brought a pizza home and it was yummy!!!    You choose your crust, sauce, cheese, meats, and veggies (they have cool stuff, too, like FETA, sundried tomatoes, chopped garlic…).  A 10” pizza was plenty big enough for the 2 of us.   I am looking at the menu and see lots of pizzas I want to try – the Buffalo Chicken, the Trenton Tomato, the Smokey Pollo…  I guess I have 52 free pizzas in my future so I can mix it up!

Kindness Activists RULE.

*footnote from paragraph one:  I guess “free stale baguettes” or “free hangnails” would not be things I would be thrilled about… 

A man and his pizza
P.S. - the inspector just came and gave our new egress window a green light, and David told him, "Hey, you know what, there is FREE PIZZA today on Columbia Pike..." and it turns out he had just inspected the restaurant!    

P.P.S. - I read this blog entry to David, and he said, "So where is my Kindness Activist button???".  Not to worry, I hooked him up with one.  



  1. Yeah!!!! I was Davids neight or in line.. with my son. Nice blog article. Always cool to hear good deeds and freeeeeee pizzzzaa. See you around 1000 degrees

    1. HAHAHAHA - YES, SEE YOU AT 1000 DEGREES! It was such a cool, fun opening. I wish them the best of luck on the Pike. David brought home a really yummy pizza!

  2. Wonderful. There are two ways to play this - you could sell some of them for 5 bucks or you could pay it forward and if you go there sometime could hand them to some people, or you could offer a few to a charity auction or something. Anyway, way to go!!!! Betsy

    1. We won't SELL any!! No way. I was already imagining treating some homeless people to pizza - "What do you like on your pie, sir??" then returning with a piping hot made to order pizza! :)