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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bathrobe Kindness

I have been thinking a lot about KIND KIDS lately.  Maybe it is because it is the holidays, a time kids usually adore.  Or maybe it is because of Bana Alabed, a child in Aleppo who has been Tweeting about her horrible plight there (and who thankfully made it out safely, though many others just as deserving did not have the same plight).  Or maybe it is because I personally am feeling disenchanted with the state of our country and looking to kind kids gives me hope that maybe they can turn things around and make the world a better place in the future…

Recently I wrote about Kind Kid Madelene Kleinhans, who saw a need for siblings like her and FILLED it, and is now envisioning growing her organization nationwide ( Heartfelt Kindness ).  Earlier in this project I wrote about Khloe Thompson, a Kind Kid who is making a big difference for the homeless in her community ( Karing Kindness ) .  Well, today let me tell you about BENJAMIN.  Oh sure, some of you might read about his creation and think it is all “fluff”, but I am here to tell you that Benjamin is onto something, friends.  Benjamin has come up with a kind concept that is exactly what we all need right now about now.
Benjamin, inventor and organizer of an international event

International Bathrobe Day is the brainchild of Benjamin Lahann, who came up with it at the young age of 10.  I asked him what inspired what has become an annual event, and he gave me the skinny, “I got a bathrobe for Christmas from my grandma.  I thought, ‘This is really comfy.  Why can't we just have a day to wear our robe and eat pie and watch movies?’ ” And THAT, my friends, is how a holiday is invented.

International Bathrobe Day (which we will call IBRD for short) is now in its fourth year.  Over 700 people have participated in previous events, and 135 people have already expressed that they will be there this year!  That is a lot of people in bathrobes!  Now when I say “be there”, I do not mean there will be hundreds of people congregating in Benjamin’s living room in their bathrobes.  No, the beauty of IBRD is that you celebrate it wherever you happen to be on the first Saturday after Christmas!  Here is the official blurb from this year’s IBRD invitation:  “(This is) a day to stay in your bathrobe, eat pie (or the comfort food of your choice), watch movies and read books. Started by my son who was 10 years old at the time after a hectic Thanksgiving/ Christmas season. Traditionally observed the first Saturday after Christmas. Held in the comfort of your own home (by yourself or with others). Can't celebrate the Saturday after Christmas? Celebrate on a different date :)”.

Best advertisement ever for International Bathrobe Day. 
As you can see from the official invite, IBRD is a bit of a loosey goosey holiday.  Sure, there is a suggested date (this year it falls on December 31).  And yes, there is a suggested food (pie).  But if that date doesn’t work for you, choose another!  And if pie isn’t to your liking, pig out on another comfort food!  The point about IBRD is – to relax, man, cuz, it’s all good!!

And maybe you noticed, but as the title suggests this is an international event…  Benjamin told me, “Because the title DOES have the world INTERNATIONAL in it... We've had people from Canada, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines join in.”  Isn’t that fantastic?  Imagine all of those people in different countries, in different time zones, all chillaxing in robes, watching movies, and eating pie…  Heaven!

Benjamin explained that, “One of the reasons we celebrate is because the school year and holiday season are so busy with activities and chores.  I like the fact that people are joining in on IBRD – they have a day when they can relax.”

Benjamin and his family in one of their annual photos with Santa.
I know Benjamin’s parents, and I can vouch that they are excellent kindness role models.  It is not surprising that all 3 of their kids are kind.  Besides being the organizer of an international event, Benjamin told me he also volunteers, “at my church with the kids and the annual Thanksgiving meal.  I also volunteer through Scouts, including helping the younger members of the troop with their requirements.  I put aside 10% of my allowance to donate to various causes, including Harvesters, our local food bank, the Red Cross and adopt a family programs at Christmas.  Mostly, I just try to be a good friend and a nice person.”

And really, in this time of uncertainty in the world, isn’t that what we should ALL strive for – to just BE A GOOD FRIEND AND A NICE PERSON.

And let’s close this out with the official greeting of International Bathrobe Day, shall we?  “Have a Magnificent International Bathrobe Day!”

If you would like to join in on this fabulously relaxing holiday, I would be happy to hook you up with an invite!  I have participated in previous years and know that it is quite fun (and relaxing!!).  Shoot me an email at or comment on the IBRD post on the Kindness Activist site on Facebook letting me know you want to join and I will include you on the official Facebook invite J .

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