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kindness activist

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Simple Kindness

Kindness does not have to be complicated.  It does not have to cost money.  It does not even have to cost much time.  There are zillions of acts of kindness spinning in the universe at any given moment, and taking time to stop and notice them will not only make you happier, it will help the kindness spread through you.  Trust me!

Here is an example of an act of kindness I witnessed this week that is super simple.  We were walking on the beach and happened upon a family who had made an amaaaazing snow/sand man.  It was fantastic!  We stopped to admire it as the mother was taking a photo of 2 of the kids with the creation.  And our friend Kathy did something simple – she offered to use their camera to take a photo of the WHOLE FAMILY together with the sand/snow man.

Kathy capturing the perfect shot
That simple gesture of kindness meant that the family now has a few photos of ALL OF THEM smiling and happy at the beach.  I am guessing that the mother is that family’s photo taker and so doesn’t appear in many of the shots, and now they have some memories preserved that include every single one of them together (and not in the strained selfie long arm shot style).

Look - isn't it great!!!?
See how easy it is??  The family was super appreciative and it made me smile so big to see that gesture of kindness.  The next time you are in a similar situation, maybe you can offer to take the photo.  Try it, you’ll like it (and the people in the photo will love it!).  J

Thanks Kathy for letting me share your story.  (She thought it was silly and simple, but her actions are exactly the types of things KINDNESS ACTIVISTS do!  Her button is coming.)

What acts of kindness have you seen, received, or given??  Let me know!  I want to feature them here!  Email me at .

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