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kindness activist

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Holiday Kindness

My sister Sherry is probably the MOST KIND person I know.  She exudes kindness.  She is constantly embarking on conscious acts of kindness and just spreads so much JOY in the world.  If there was a KINDNESS TROPHY, she would certainly receive it.  I asked her to share about a recent act of kindness she did.  The details below are in her words (with some of mine added in italics J ). 

Here is a fun photo of Sherry in Los Angles - we went to see a taping of "The Price is Right" last year
(can you tell we were excited??)
Sherry: “Each December my husband and I look for someone that we can assist.  We are not wealthy, but we have enough that we do not struggle.  We feel like we need to be a force for good in the world.  There are so many negative things going on in the world today....if we can spread kindness, maybe it will help to change the world a teeny tiny bit. In years past we have paid strangers' rent for the month, paid utilities for people, bought groceries, or provided Christmas gifts.  This year I just felt that I wanted to give some children a great Christmas.  (Note:  Sherry has 2 kids, and a brand new grandbaby, so she also gave all of THEM a great Christmas!)

This year I "adopted" a low income family for Christmas.  I asked our elementary school counselor if there was a family at our school that would not have a Christmas celebration without some help. She knew immediately that there was such a family and after speaking with the mom to make sure she would like the help, the counselor gave me the names, ages, needs, and clothing sizes of a family with five children.    

We bought each of the children a Christmas stocking, had their names embroidered on them, and filled them with special things that I knew they would like.  We also bought each child a clothing outfit and a couple of toys.  We bought the mom a gift, too. My husband and I bought most of the gifts, but our two sons and their partners each gave a toy for two of the children.  The school I work at provided a gift card to a grocery store for a Christmas dinner. 

Look at all of these GIFTS!!  The stockings with each person's NAME on them!!
She went well above and beyond to make this family's Christmas truly extraordinary!
I delivered the gifts, which I had wrapped so they looked very pretty.  The Mom was at work when I delivered the gifts and the children were at home with the teenage sister.  They were sooooo excited when I came - they had grins a mile wide.  They all thanked me several times.  The oldest three children told me, "God bless you!" several times as I was leaving. I know they were happy, which made me happy.  It is a great feeling to help someone in need.  It puts us in the Christmas spirit.

I believe that when we spread kindness it will continue to be spread by those who receive it.  I am hopeful that when these children are adults they will remember the year they were given Christmas gifts and they will be moved to do the same for another child.”

I asked Sherry, “Will you do this act again?  Why or why not?” and she said, “Yes, I will do it again! I feel it's important to share what I have.  If I do not have the finances one year, I will donate my time.

I firmly believe that KINDNESS MATTERS.  In fact, that is my motto.  I feel better about myself when I show kindness.  What kind of a world would this be if no one showed kindness??  I work with children, I am the example they see.  If they learn one thing from me, I hope it is to be kind to one another.”
I am proud of my sisters!!!  Here we are looking our prettiest - Sherry, me, and Annette.  :)

Sisters in Washington DC!  Me, Sherry, and Annette.
Thanks for letting me share this amazing story of your kindness, Sherry.  You make the world a better place just by being in it.  Expect a “Kindness Activist” button to be coming – you deserve a crate full of them. 

If you have received, witnessed, or shared kindness, please let me know.  I believe that by sharing our examples of kindness with the world, others see them and are inspired to BE KIND themselves!  Let me know of kindness at: .  And “like” this project on Facebook – Kindness Activist.  Let’s inspire one another, and the world, TO BE KIND!!  

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