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kindness activist

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ikea Kindness

As I look over the stories so far in this blog, I see that many of them are big, grand gestures of kindness.  And I want to make sure that people reading are reminded that KINDNESS comes in small bits, too.  J  Kindness can be simple, quick, and easy!!

So let’s quickly look at one example of kindness that anyone could do.  I will call it IKEA KINDNESS, but it could just as easily be called Safeway Kindness, or WalMart Kindness, or Publix Kindness.

TADA - Ikea!

David and I were shopping at Ikea.  We had, maybe, 7 items to purchase.  As usual, the lines were super long.  There is never a “quick” line at Ikea.  While waiting in line, I noticed the guy behind us only had a couple of things.  So when we got to the front, I gestured that he could go ahead of us.  He was surprised and happy.

Then we let the NEXT person go ahead of us.  They, too, were excited to receive this tiny gesture of kindness and be able to get through the line a tiny bit quicker to get on with their day (which likely involved hours of putting together Ikea furniture…).

My point in telling you this story is this:  it wasn’t a huge sacrifice on our part.  Letting two people get ahead of us in line didn’t change the world.  But it DID help make those people’s days a little brighter.  It showed them that there are kind people around.  It didn’t “put us out” – it probably added 4 minutes onto our wait time, which we used to stand around and tell jokes. 

Sometimes, if you look around, there are simple acts of kindness you can do that make other people’s lives a little better.  Let them ahead of you in line.  Offer to take their empty shopping cart back to the store as you walk in.  Make space for them in traffic to get into your lane when they are signaling. 

These are all teeny, tiny acts in the grand scheme of things.  But teeny tiny things add up.  And I believe that in the end, they make the world a better place.

Now get out there and BE KIND.

And tell me your stories of kindness!  Email me at

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