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kindness activist

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Knit Kindness

Because of this Kindness Activist project, I am constantly on the look-out for KINDNESS.  Well, luckily on Valentine’s Day I came across a great post on Facebook.  It was written by a friend in Omaha named Mary, and it said:

“My fellow knitters, if you have yarn left over from projects, consider knitting a cozy for the kitties at The Nebraska Humane Society.  The cozy should be 14x18 inches. Use 4 strands of yarn and large needles....14-16 size. Doing this makes the cozy plush and warm for the kitties.  My Mom gave me a whole lot of yarn, some of which I used for the 4 cozies you see here.  You can also drop off yarn at The Humane Society for knitters to pick up.”

Here is what Mary's Kitty Cozies look like, aren't they sweet??
Well, I am not a knitter and am very impressed by people who can make anything out of a ball of yarn!!  When I was a kid I tried to crochet for a while and all I ended up making were really LONG, extremely SKINNY belts…  Yes, they were just a single crocheted stitch on and on and on and on…  Not all that functional, nor fashionable… 

But Mary can knit things like SCARVES.  And KITTY COZIES!  Talk about adorable!  I can only imagine those tiny kitties snuggled up on one of Mary’s cozies!  Too much cuteness, I am sure!

This cat does NOT have a cozy.  Instead, it has a yellow box.  I met it last month at Crumbs and Whiskers,
a "cat cafe" in Washington DC.  I think it would be even cuter if it was sitting on a cozy.  
I asked Mary about this kind act she was doing.  It turns out, she is a very busy woman.  I knew she is a proud Grandma, but didn’t know that she is also a NURSE at an endoscopy center.  She told me, “As I was taking care of a patient last fall, she mentioned knitting the cozies with yarn she would have left-over from projects or pick up at garage sales. I was helping my Mom clean out her closets a couple of years ago, and she gave me oodles and oodles of red yarn. I combined the red yarn with other colors and have made scarves for the homeless and me latest project has been the cozies.

Ummm, did you catch that?  Not only does she make COZIES FOR KITTIES, she makes SCARVES FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE.  Mary, you are a gem.  Using your knitting to help others is amazingly kind.

Mary and her sweetheart.  What a kind woman!  If I ever need an endoscopy while I am in Omaha, I know who to call.  :)
So the rest of you knitters, yes YOU, with balls and balls (is it officially called skeins and skeins??) of yarn that you are not using.  BE LIKE MARY!  Make these sweet kitty cozies to help kittens in your local Humane Society have a kinder life. 

I Googled “kitty cozies” to see if there was info online about them and found a lot about the Arizona Humane Society wanting people to help make cozies!  They are doing theirs out of fleece.  You can read about it here.

Cats in Michigan want to be comfy, too!  The Michigan Humane Society put this out.

But really, I imagine that cats EVERYWHERE would love a soft little piece to call their own.  Thanks for the inspiration, Mary.  Now if only I could learn how to knit…

This is Louie, my nephew Jordan's cat.  He lives in Omaha.  Louie, do you want a cat cozy???
Have YOU done something kind?  Are you a KINDNESS ACTIVIST?  Or maybe you were the recipient of kindness, or have seen something awesomely kind.  Tell me about it!  Just send me a quick email to  And while you are at it, “like” Kindness Activist on Facebook!

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