kindness activist

kindness activist

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Artistic Kindness

I rarely carry cash on me.  And I am very careful with how I spend money.  Yet, I love the arts and want to support artists however I can.  So this summer, I came up with an idea.  I put $25 one dollar bills in an envelope, marked it “for art”, and carried it in my purse. 

Then, anytime I saw a street musician, busker, or artist, I took time to STOP, watch, and/or listen.  And I gave the performer one dollar. 
Street Musicians in New Orleans this summer
A dollar might not seem like much, but I think my donations were appreciated.  Perhaps even more appreciated was my attention to the performer.  I became an “audience”, and when one person stops to listen/watch, others will, too.  So I hope that my small donations encouraged others to pitch into the hat with me!

This was a simple idea and not expensive.  Because I had already ear marked the money to be spent, I didn’t feel like I was giving away money I should be saving to pay bills.  And I really enjoyed doing this project because it gave me opportunities to STOP and enjoy art. 

See – kindness isn’t complicated!  It is easy and doesn’t only help the people who receive the kindness, it also helps the GIVER!  I really had a good time listening to music and watching artists.  I plan to refill my envelope with one dollar bills when the weather warms up and I am out on the streets more again. 

What will YOU do to spread kindness?  Please tell me about your kindness at:

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