kindness activist

kindness activist

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Facebook Kindness

I have a friend named Kelly.  Kelly and I almost never see one another in person, but I follow her on Facebook and she cracks me up quite regularly.  Now Kelly is not a woman without opinions…  And Kelly is not a person who is afraid to SHARE said opinions, even if they might ruffle some feathers.  I really admire that about her. 

Kelly and her beautiful kitty
After reading about this KINDNESS ACTIVIST project, I found this post on Kelly’s wall, with my name tagged:  “I'm joining my pal Susan Thompson-Gaines in her "Kindness Activist" project (which she is finding out about right now! I read your blog last night and I'm in!). I am taking a vow to only post kind things to my Facebook feed throughout the new year; not just the 24 hours when the current year moves into the new year but the ENTIRE year of 2016. There's an election this year so it's going to be a real challenge and you know what? I'm still in! If you want to join this kindness campaign let Susan know because she plans to blog about all of our activities! My first posting is this woman doing such a kind thing out of the goodness of her heart to repurpose dolls. She transforms Bratz dolls (sexually objectified toy dolls that contribute to the objectification of our young girls) and turns them into something so sweet and beautiful. You can’t watch this without smiling.”  (Then she had a link to this great video:  Bratz video

WOAH, Kelly,that is a HUGE COMMITMENT!  It is an ELECTION YEAR, the times when social media gets the craziest indeed (and the time when I occasionally need to “unfollow” someone in my Facebook feed to avoid being slammed over the head with repeated negativity). 

Since she made her pledge, Kelly has posted tons of inspiring, uplifting things, like:

this beautiful short video of a baby tiger and her mamma 

pics of her pets like this one of Boca
Sleepy doggy
and funny cartoons like this

We all know this is how it is sometimes...
I am impressed with your spunk, girlfriend.  I am proud of you for taking this KINDNESS VOW.  I will (as always) be watching what you post and smiling, I am sure.  And not to worry, no one is perfect and if a teeny tiny bit of “unkindness” pops onto your FB wall, well it will be forgiven.  But kudos to you for being a KINDNESS ACTIVIST and sharing positive, energizing, and inspiring stuff with the world.  THANK YOU!  (And you will be getting your KINDNESS ACTIVIST button!!)

Do you know of a kindness activist??  Their work doesn’t have to be “big” – small gestures can spread the kindness, too!  If you know of someone who gives, has received, or witnessed kindness in action – let me know!  Email me at:

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