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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7 Year Old Kindness - UPDATE!

You may remember Kemper from “7 Year Old Kindness” (original story on Kemper can be found here) – the sweet-hearted, amazing little boy in Omaha.  Well, a lot has happened since you read about him!!

Kemper loves baseball
First off, after trying out for a couple of special baseball teams, he WAS CHOSEN FOR ONE (the Millard Blue Legends)!  Go Kemp!!  He was, of course, sad after he didn't make it on the first try-out to be on the team with a great coach he has had for the last couple of years, an ex-minor league ball player.  But, after the tears calmed down a bit, Kemper, all of his own accord, said, "It is fair, really.  I got to have that coach already, and now some boys who haven't had him yet get to."  Way to be a great sport, Kemper.  Here he is in a Royals outfit (no, he didn’t get picked for the ROYALS team, but he does like them!)

And secondly, he competed in his first TRIATHALON!  The open water lake swim was longer than had been advertised in the promotional materials, so his mamma was nervous for him, but he DID IT!!!!! 
Kemper is part fish, part boy.  He is an excellent swimmer
His mom told me that by far the best part of the whole triathlon experience for her was watching Kemper help a fellow athlete (after his own race was over) by running alongside her bike when she was way behind and having a hard time.  She needed encouragement, so that is exactly what Kemper gave her.  That’s our boy!

Biking, too??  Whew - go Kemper go!
Kemper, we are proud of you.  You did exactly what adult Kindness Activists do, and you are still a KID!  I can’t even imagine what great stuff you will do when you are an adult.

Just to prove he did the triathlon, here are very short video clips of the swim, bike, and run.




  1. What a neat human!!! Way to go Kemper!!!

    1. I know! Can you imagine the awesome stuff he is gonna do as an ADULT??