kindness activist

kindness activist

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Facebook Kindness - IMPORTANT UPDATE!

When I started this Kindness Activist project, a friend and fellow interpreter contacted me with an idea.  Kelly said she would pledge to do an act of kindness that I thought would be impossible:  she was ONLY going to post kind things on Facebook for an entire year!  No negativity, no snark, just KINDNESS...  Here is the original story about that:

Facebook Kindness

Ok, sooooo, Her pledge was a wee bit more difficult that she had imagined.  I mean, it is an ELECTION YEAR, people, and this election is a doozy.  And you may not have noticed it, but there is a huge battle about gun rights raging...

So Kelly kinda sorta hasn't been able to keep her "only KIND things on my Facebook wall" pledge. She has posted things like this:


And stuff like this:

Kelly wasn't the only person ticked off by this Trump stunt...
And to her credit, she also posted stuff like THIS:

Buddha Doodles - BE KIND

 But far and away, the best, favorite, most IMPORTANT and BEAUTIFUL thing she posted is THIS:

Kelly and Lisa

KELLY GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!  Congratulations, Kelly and Lisa!!!  I am so excited for you both. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness together.

Kelly, you bring joy to so many people.  Thank you for being a Kindness Activist.  And yes, you can keep your Kindness Activist button.  :)  Nobody's perfect!  And your Facebook posts still make me smile.

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