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kindness activist

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kari Kindness

I don’t think anyone in America, at least anyone that has television, radio, and/or internet access, would say that this is a “kind time” in our country.  Let’s be honest – with all of the election coverage we hear much more yelling, rude comments, cross-talk, and negativity than most of us can handle.  If the actual CANDIDATES are not spewing hatred, the reporters and pundits are. 

So, in the midst of all of that negativity, I would like to share with you something I found today written by my friend Kari (who was featured in this blog in a July piece called Safety Kindness ).  Kari is the first guest writer in the Kindness Activist Project, and I welcome her words with a happy heart:

Kari's photos show us her lens on the world - sunshine and beauty

Kari wrote: 

“Long post alert :)
I commented to a friend recently about all of the negative/hopeless/depressing BS drowning our country.  I told my friend, “The division and depravity in the world makes me desperate to see the good in others and find a higher level good in myself.  The one BIG way I can make my dent in this world, to combat all this darkness, is to spread the good and appreciate the good in others when I see it.  I can AFFIRM the good, not just notice it.  The world needs to see ALL good magnified. I know so much good is out there”.

I would also like to add that I’ve been consumed lately with the thought of GOOD vs EVIL in this world, the state of America, what I can and should do about it, etc.  Even with the World Series -as I watched game 7 unfold I couldn’t help but think of how many Hillary voters vs Trump voters were in the stands.  Did it matter?  No.  Regardless of which team you are cheering (be it in politics or on the ball field), in that moment, baseball united our terribly divided nation, if only temporarily.

Kari's vision of autumn leaves
Someone let me in the flow of traffic yesterday - waves and thumbs up!  Later while trying to park, I was the one who could extend grace.  The guy ahead of me just missed an open parking spot. He stopped abruptly, half blocking the empty stall, neither of us would get the spot unless someone relinquished. I rolled my eyes and thought, “You missed it - too bad so sad…” and instinctively wanted to hold my ground.  But then I realized that I could back up and make it easy for him to get what he wanted.  The “prized” parking spot was not worth spreading more anger/bitterness/divisiveness/pettiness.  A quick attitude adjustment and I backed up willingly. It was the right thing to do.  If I want a more united, kind, peaceful America, like that one dude said  I needed to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Look for ways to acknowledge even the smallest gesture of kindness towards one another; if someone holds the door for you, instead of a mere thank you, how about a “Thank you for your kindness!”  Let’s amplify and acknowledge good behavior - it’s a start I suppose.  In a world where so many things feel out of control I'm really trying to open my eyes and engage in the world in a proactive and positive way.  If we all tried together how might that shift hearts.

More love, less fear and anger.”

Beautiful woman and oh so wise
Kari, thank you so much for eloquently expressing what we needed to be reminded of.  More love, less fear and anger.

LOOK for good.  Acknowledge kindness.  And for goodness sakes, be kind.

Kari and her Mamma 
P.S. – Kari, last time you nominated someone to be a Kindness Activist, but this time YOU are being crowned one.  Thank you the joy you bring to the world, the unique take on things that you are willing to share, and the KINDNESS you spread.  

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