kindness activist

kindness activist

Friday, November 4, 2016


In the same spirit as yesterday’s Kindness Activist Kari ( story here ), who recognized that all of the negativity surrounding the election is hurting our country, may I present Vote4Kindness!  I found out about the movement when they “liked” one of my Kindness Activist tweets and “followed” me on Twitter, so I checked them out.  And wouldn’t you know it, they are pretty amazing.

Patriotic AND Kind - how about that???  :)
@Vote4Kindness is the brainchild of Nancy, who says she got the idea, “When I found myself and others in my life more sad and angry than our normal happy selves.  I felt like something need to shift and we all needed a little more kindness in our world so I started the Twitter handle.”

Well now, there is a woman who takes action!  She just set up the Twitter account in October and already has 332 followers and has been retweeted over 183 times, so I would say her movement has been a success!  Her goal is to get people to do a little extra, to go out of their way, and do one kind act every day until election day.  Guys – the election is SOON, so you better get your kindness on NOW!  The FIRST thing you should do is follow @Vote4Kindness on Twitter, so you can see her tweets and be inspired.  I love the way she put it, “Let’s make kindness outshine the election negativity.”  No matter which political team you are on, I think we ALL can agree with that idea.

Here is our Kindness Activist, the lovely Nancy!
Nancy believes, like I do, that when you receive kindness, you are inspired to do something kind yourself.  I think of it like ripples, and she put it this way, “This movement provides kindness to one person, who then thinks, ‘Wow, that was really kind…’ and then THEY do something kind for someone else, so it is worth the effort”.  She looks at acts of kindness like Dominoes, where being kind to one person knocks down that first Domino, then they just start tipping over like a beautiful symphony.  I would have to agree!  And the kind acts she is talking about don’t have to be something huge!  She has done things like put little positive sticky notes up in public places, opened doors for people, and given people compliments and smiles.  Little things mean a lot, especially in tumultuous times like we are in now. 

Look - a Starbucks gift card!!   Wouldn't you be so happy to have a stranger hand you this??
And how easy to do - next time you stop in for a latte, get one for a stranger, too.
Nancy says she feels good knowing that her acts and tweets could be making a difference in someone’s day.  She, like many of us, is feeling sad and angry about the election, but working on Vote4Kindness has become the highlight of her day.  (I can relate to that, said the woman who spends hours writing Kindness Activist pieces…)  She says @Vote4Kindess has made me her hopeful, and that just THINKING about kindness can make a person feel more positive and hopeful.  I 100% agree with that!

Nancy wants to thank everyone who has already joined the #Vote4Kindness movement (and I want to encourage those of you who haven’t to jump on board!).  And, as she says, “It’s not too late to join this kindness movement.  We can all use as much kindness as possible right now, so let’s make it shine.”

I think that social media, and Twitter in particular, can get really mean and nasty.  The idea to harness the power of Twitter and use it for KINDNESS is a beautiful one. 

Amen!  Agree to disagree (but don't forget to vote!)
Let’s finish here with a quote by Martin Kornfield that Nancy loves and really sums up her goal with this project, “If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction”.

If you know of a Kindness Activist, please tell me about them so I can feature their story here.  And remember to “like” Kindness Activist on Facebook so you can follow the photos and stories.

And last, but most certainly not least, PLEASE VOTE in the upcoming election.  And please, please, please spread kindness.

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