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kindness activist

Monday, July 10, 2017

Peachy Kindness

This week I am going to write of one “small” act of kindness every day.  Lately I have been lax in noticing kindness, and I think by taking time to sit down and think about, then tell you about one seemingly tiny act of kindness given or received everyday, I will get back into the groove of being alert and receptive to kindness.  And I hope the stories of “little” kindnesses will help you to be more alert and notice them in your lives, too.

Day one:  We stopped at a roadside produce stand.  I used to love those, but the last couple of years they tend to disappoint me.  The produce often doesn’t seem “fresh” – it looks more like someone just bought a bunch of the same boxes of fruits and veggies the grocery stores sell and laid it all out on tables on the side of the road.

And that was the case with the stand we pulled over for yesterday.  Many of the veggies had STICKERS on them, just like you find at Safeway or Wal-Mart.  Disappointing!  If I wanted regular old produce, I would get it at the grocery store… 

David did pick up a basket of oranges to make juice, even though (when asked) the “farmer” told us they were from California (we are currently in Florida…).  Ooookkkk, so once again, these are probably the same oranges we could get at any big grocery store.  Sigh.

But as we were leaving, we saw some pretty peaches.  David eyed them, then asked the old man working where THOSE came from.  “Carolina!” he replied, and then gave us a toothless smile.  “They ain’t never been chilled or nuttin’.  Just picked.”

One lovely, juicy, fresh picked, full of kindness peach
“How much?” asked David. 

“$2 a pound,” replied the toothless man.

David picked up one peach and said, “We will take this one.”  He handed it to the old man, who put it in a bag for us and handed it back to David, who was getting money out to pay. 

“It’s yours,” the old man said, and gave David a wink and a toothless grin. 

Thanks, sir.  That juicy peach is a perfect reminder to me that small gestures of kindness can make my heart happy.  

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