kindness activist

kindness activist

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SUP Kindness

This week I am going to write of one “small” act of kindness every day.  Lately I have been lax in noticing kindness, and I think by taking time to sit down and think about, then tell you about one seemingly tiny act of kindness given or received everyday, I will get back into the groove of being alert and receptive to kindness.  And I hope the stories of “little” kindnesses will help you to be more alert and notice them in your lives, too.

Day two:  We recently got a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) and are having a blast with it.  It is a blow-up SUP, and you pump it up using a manual pump, which takes quite a bit of work and energy.  We have been leaving it blown up so that we don’t have to keep re-pumping it, but that means lugging it back and forth to the beach. 

We live 1 and a half blocks away from the ocean.  Yes, that is very close, but when David is balancing a 10 foot long, 33 inches wide SUP on his head for the walk, it is not that easy!!  Especially because, to get to the beach, we have to cross A1A, a highway that goes down the coast of Florida and sometimes has a bit of traffic.

But you know what??  David told me that he noticed that every time he gets to A1A and is standing, SUP on head, ready to cross, traffic stops for him.  Cars give him the right of way, even though he is not crossing in a pedestrian crosswalk!  Isn’t that kind??

Thank you, random strangers driving down the road.  Your acts of kindness – stopping to let David cross – have not gone unnoticed.

David rocking the SUP - in the waves!
And now – surf’s up!!

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