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kindness activist

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Scepter Kindness

This is the 6th short piece in the week-long drive to write one kindness story everyday about “small kindnesses” I see, do, or hear about.  This one was lovely!!

We were waiting in line at Office Depot to get some things laminated.  We noticed a little girl with a super pretty bracelet and summer dress with her mom in line ahead of us.  Little did we know that very soon we would be twirling and spinning with that girl!

But, you see, it happened…  Instead of boring elevator muzak, Abba’s “Dancing Queen” came on, and, well, when “Dancing Queen” comes on, how are ya gonna hold back???  

Click here if you wanna dance - Dancing Queen by Abba

At first, I managed to stand still.  Then I noticed the little girl swaying.  And raising her arms a bit…  And, well, the music got the best of me!  I grabbed David and we spent the time in line dancing.  We were quiet, but with our spins and dancing “beauty”, well, the little girl turned around and noticed us.  And boy, did she grin.  So, of coooourse she was invited into our groove, and she joined in eagerly!!!  She wasn’t shy at ALL.  Pretty soon the 3 of us were cutting a rug right there in Office Depot – spinnnnning and twirrrrrling and oh so synchronized.  We were great!!!!

When the song was done she smiled a huge, huge smile and said, “That was GREAT!!!”.  Turns out, dancing with strangers is a terrific conversation starter, cuz once we finished dancing we could ask her about that awesome bracelet she was sporting!

She told us her name is ABBY and she is 6 years old.  She and her mom were at Office Depot to get a pretty rainbow poster laminated for an upcoming birthday party.  She explained to us that her bracelet is part of an outfit she has that looks like one of her favorite characters, Elena of Avalor.  We had never heard of this character, but Abby told us all about one special part of Elena’s costume that she didn’t have yet – a SCEPTER.  I brainstormed with her different ideas to make a scepter – she was thinking stick or something like that, then I came up with empty paper towel roll.  We were talking about how she might paint it and what to put on the end – it was a pretty detailed craft discussion. 😊  . 

As Abby animatedly talked through all of this, unbeknownst to us, the Office Depot employee in the copy department, Kelly, had been listening in.  Pretty soon Kelly reached over the counter and handed Abby a BEAUTIFUL long, empty tube – perfect scepter making material!!!!!  Abby’s little face lit up!  What might have been trash to someone else was A COSTUME IN THE MAKING to this adorable girl.  She knew just what ball she was going to have her mom hot glue to the end of this tube, and she had blue glitter at home just waiting to be used on this project!!!

Meet Abby - the sweetest, kindness, most genuine 6 year old the world could ask for.
And isn't the tube GREAT for scepter making?
I talked to Abby’s mom about the Kindness Activist project and she told me that Abby spreads kindness wherever she goes.  She said recently Abby had cheered up a stranger at the grocery store, just because she innately knew that person wasn’t having a good day.  AT SIX, this little girl is chock full of kindness.
This is the front of the Elena of Avalor CD - isn't she a great looking princess??
And the scepter is obviously a super important part of her costume!!
This story was meant to be about the kindness of the Office Depot employee Kelly helping a little girl make the costume of her dreams, I must also applaud Abby for being a ray of sunshine and kindness for the world.

Thanks for introducing me to Elena of Avalor, Abby.  From what I see online she seems very similar to YOU – smart, a great leader, and kind. 

And to Abby’s mom – if you see this, when Abby makes that scepter, please post a photo in the comments!!!  I so want to see the shining finished product!!

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