kindness activist

kindness activist

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

83 Pairs of Kindness

It’s time to name a new KINDNESS ACTIVIST.  This one is easy – it is Brenda Dolinski.  Choosing her as a Kindness Activist was EASY, but figuring WHICH of her many kind acts to feature was TOUGH!  I hear through the grapevine about kind things she does for those around her very often, but she is very humble.  So when I asked her if she could tell me about one of the kind things she has done lately, she hemmed and hawed and said basically that she has been really busy with life, so hasn’t been able to do as many kind hings as she normally does…  
I call foul!  I know that statement is untrue, Miss Brenda!!  Oh sure, sometimes life gets a little overwhelming, and you might not have time to do the very involved, time consuming acts of kindness that you have done in the past.  But I know YOU and I know that even when you are BUSY, you still spread kindness wherever you go!! 

Brenda with Hershey, a very adorable little pet duck :)
So Brenda sent me an example of a kindness she did recently.  This is one that she basically implied “wasn’t a big deal” because she hadn’t focused much on kindness lately.  Ummm, I beg to differ…  How many OTHER people would think this creatively to both honor a loved one and help their community???  Here is what she told me:
“Every year I try to find something that; a. touches my heart, or b. makes me think outside the box. So when Grandma Ruth said that she, “Didn't want anything for her birthday,” I had the idea to collect socks to donate to one of the local men's homeless shelters in honor of her birthday.
My goal was to collect the same number of pairs of socks as she was celebrating number of years – so I wanted 83 pairs.  Guess what?  I made the goal, plus some.
Now THAT is a lot of socks!!  Lucky guys who will get those!!
I thought, what better to celebrate turning 83 years old – with 83 pairs of socks!!  Grandma Ruth is a Southern lady with a heart of gold. She is the type of person that always sees the best in the worst, and she would give her last dime to a stranger. So I thought that this would be a great gift for honoring such a giving lady.
Some people might think the idea is sort of silly – I mean, they were just SOCKS.  And I don't know who ended up with them after they were donated to the shelter or where they are now.  And do you know what – that is not for me to judge.  What I do know is that Nebraska weather is crazy, and if someone’s feet are in wet, dirty socks it can be painful and can make them very ill.
Grandma Ruth, a real sweetheart and very giving person
Look, in the end they were just pairs of socks - something you and I take for granted when we slide our feet into them in the morning.  But to those guys who got them, I bet they were a real gift.  
Next year maybe we I will coordinate sending care packages to veterans like I did a few years ago, or make blankets for the guys to celebrate Grandma Ruth’s big day. As for me, I am grateful for what I have, and hope a little gesture (like some man getting a new pair of socks) can let people know someone out there was thinking of them.”
I hope that Brenda’s kind actions will inspire YOU to spread some sunshine in the world. Cuz the world needs more kindness, and MORE SOCKS!  Please send me an email and tell me about a kindness you have been a part of (giver or receiver) – email me at
Thanks for all of the good you do for the world, Brenda. 

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