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kindness activist

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Flood of Kindness

My friend Missy recently heard about my Kindness Activist project, and she immediately thought of one of her friends that she thought should be included.  “You have to write about Tiffany Taylor!!” she told me.  We then talked on Skype and she told me Tiffany’s story.  I think you will agree, Tiffany is indeed a Kindness Activist.  Here is what Missy told me:

In October 2015 there was a big flood in South Carolina.  It impacted many families, and Tiffany posted to a local Facebook page asking for specific items that some flood victims needed, like diapers, clothes, and supplies.  People agreed to donate the items, and Tiffany drove around to meet the donors and collect everything.  She then drove around a lot to deliver everything collected to those in need. 
Horrible flooding in South Carolina

Many people lost everything
Another example of her kindness was when she helped a local elderly man.  He had taken in a homeless person (an example of HIS kindness!) and then lost his mobile home to a fire.  Tiffany met with him in person to figure out what exactly he needed.  He said he would be perfectly fine with a used mobile home – he just needed a place with water and heat, no more.  So Tiffany set up a Go Fund Me page for him to help him, his pets, and the man he was assisting all get back on their feet. She checked in with him frequently and contacted electricians and other specialty type workers to assist this man. 

Tiffany also set up a community Facebook page.  Through it she can quickly reach out to 2,200+ members to let them know of things going on in our town, including if a crime is underway (such as a break-in, a suspect fleeing, or other suspicious activity.  This is a very valuable resource to our community.  She is also a crime watch informant.

As Missy said, “These things are only things that I have seen her do.  It is not a comprehensive list, I am sure she has done many more things that I am not aware of that are kind!  She is such a kind hearted person and I am sure that she will continue to do many more of these types of acts of kindness and helpfulness.”

So, when Missy explained all of that to me, I thought Tiffany rocked!!!  But then Missy told me (as Paul Harvey would say) the REST OF THE STORY.

Tiffany and her son Trey
“While Tiffany was so involved in crime watch, collecting and delivering items for flood victims, and raising money for someone else in need, unbeknownst to me she was self-employed and caring for 5 children!  Plus, her oldest son Trey (age 20) has had 13 brain surgeries since birth.  Four of his brain surgeries happened in three weeks’ time this winter.   She does not have medical insurance and is now facing huge medical bills.

Through all of that, she never once asked for help for herself.  She is all about helping OTHERS.  It is so inspiring."
Trey doing rehab

So, although this Kindness Activist project is not meant to advocate for any particular person or cause, I do want to share Tiffany’s Go Fund Me page with you.  She recently set it up (after Missy first told me her story) to try and cover some of the costs her son is incurring.   You can see it at . If you would like to contact her you can do it on that page in the upper right-hand corner by clicking the email link.  And if you can spare a bit of money to help someone who typically helps others, I know she would appreciate it. 
Tiffany and Trey
Tiffany – thanks for being a Kindness Activist in your community.  You are appreciated.
If you know of a Kindness Activist, please tell me about them!  Shoot me an email at .  Kindness SHARED will inspire others to go out into the world and be kind!

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