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kindness activist

Monday, February 8, 2016

Neighborly Kindness

Our neighborhood has a listserve.  And a Facebook group.  AND a second Facebook group!  You would think, given all of those online resources, that we must live in a super close-knit, well connected community, maybe one with a fancy schmancy Home Owner’s Association (HOA) or even a big old fence around the whole area.  Or you might imagine that the neighbors all know one another, play Yahtzee together on Friday nights, and invite one another over for dinner.

But those ideas about our neighborhood would be wrong.  Because even though I belong to 3 different electronic groups whose memberships are made up of my neighbors, the truth is that I do not know many of them.  Oh sure, I know a few by name, and I know some enough to smile and say “hi” if they walk by while we are working the garden.  But we are not the type of community where we all really KNOW one another.

So all of that is to explain THIS:  a neighbor named Kia has been kind TWICE to us lately, and I have never even MET HER.  J  Isn’t that fabulous??

The first time she offered her kindness was in October.  I had a grand Halloween costume idea but lacked the necessary materials to make it, namely, I needed a BIG PIECE OF CARDBOARD.  For a couple of years I wanted to dress up as bacon (me) and a big egg (David), and this year we finally had the time to make the costumes!  Only, we had no big sheet of cardboard…

So I posted on our neighborhood Facebook group asking if anyone perhaps had a big box they could give us, like from a flat screen tv or a refrigerator.  Luckily for me, someone I didn’t even know replied that she indeed had a box and we were welcome to it!  She said they had just bought a new crib and if the box was big enough for what we needed we could have it!  She gave us the address for pick up and when we realized it was only, like, seven doors down from us we walked down to pick it up.

Yup, we had never met the neighbors seven doors down.  And even after we picked up the perfect box, we STILL didn’t meet Kia!  Her husband opened the door and gave us the box, but Kia was inside feeding the kids.  (The box worked perfectly!  It was just what we needed and David’s sunny side up egg was lovely!  It was the perfect complement to my bacon.)

Hey!  It is BACON and EGGS!!  (Egg made out of a cardboard box from a baby crib!)

Wait a minute, who is that?  Could it be - EGGS and BACON??? 
Fast forward to January when we got hit with a big blizzard.  We had, like, three feet of snow and we own one (old and bent up) shovel.  Let’s just say, we had our work cut out for us…  And Kia posted a super sweet message to the neighborhood Facebook group.  She said, “Hey neighbors, someone came by and shoveled not only my driveway, but several of my neighbors as well.  We’re new to the neighborhood so I’m not sure if it’s something the county does or a neighborhood good Samaritan.  I’d love to know who it was so we can thank them.  Anyone know?” 

Proof that the snow was DEEP - this is a row of rental bikes in our neighborhood.
I replied with a comment telling her it was NOT the county J and that sooomeone must have been very sweet to her!!  Later I sent her a private message asking her to share the identity of the mystery shoveler if she found out who it was so I could recognize them in this blog.

Well, not only did she tell me who did it (they will be recognized in a future kindness entry here), she offered to loan us her family’s ELECTRIC POWER SNOW SHOVEL!!  Yes, she didn’t even KNOW US and she was going to trust their fancy new tool to us!

Well, she didn’t’ have to offer twice – off we went to borrow it!  But wouldn’t you know it, when we knocked on the door, AGAIN WE DID NOT GET TO MEET KIA, the sweet person who offered us the shovel in the first place!  She was feeding the baby, but her nice husband was happy to loan us the shovel.

Isn't this cool??  Because it was so deep, we had to do layer by layer with the Power Shovel, but it worked! 
And though I must confess that the snow was a wee bit too deep for the electric shovel to be 100% effective, it sure was FUN to use!  More often than not I got snow thrown back on top of my head, but it was a sunny afternoon and the impromptu snow shower was fun!!  It made shoveling silly and a bit easier.  (And that electric shovel would be perfect if you had only a couple of inches to scoop instead of a couple of feet!)

I am sure this goes without saying, but after a few hours when we had shoveled all we could shovel and went to return the fancy electric shovel, you guessed it, no Kia… J 

We survived the Blizzard of 2016 :)
So this story proves that even if you do not officially KNOW someone, if you have NEVER EVEN MET THEM, you can still be super kind to them!!  You can make someone very happy even without ever having met them.

Thanks Kia – you are a Kindness Activist.  I will walk down to your house this week to deliver your Kindness button – wonder if I will officially finally meet you????!  J

I found this photo of Kia on her Facebook page.  I am putting it here so next time I see her walk by I will recognize her!  :)

Do you know a Kindness Activist?  Or maybe, like Kia, you don't even KNOW them, but they have been kind to you?  Tell me about them!  Send me details at: .  Let's share stories of kindness and make the world a more kind place! 

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