kindness activist

kindness activist

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Smiling Kindness

The other evening my friend (and former co-worker) Margaret said this on the Kindness Activist Facebook page: 

“I live in a community of mostly retired people. Many of the residents in this area have lost a spouse, a child, a job, and some a best friend. I make it my mission to smile at them, give them hugs, call to check on them, or visit them. The joy they get from our interaction warms my heart and makes my day. Reaching out, listening and hugs are all free. Love it!
Doesn't Margaret have a great smile?  You can see why people love her!
I thought that was fabulous.  I mean, smiles and hugs are something we ALL have, don’t cost a dime to share, and are capable of making someone’s day infinitely better!!!  So I asked Margaret a bit more about her kindness activism, and here is what she told me.

“I embarked on these acts of kindness (listening, smiling, hugging, and interacting) because I started to see that many, many people were hurting and alone. I figured that I always love to see smiles and get hugs, so why not share some of them myself!

I try to make a connection with anyone that I notice that I think can benefit from my kindness.  And do you know what?  In the end, I always feel like I get more from it than they do!  But I often see that our interaction puts a spring in their step, and when we part they are smiling. 

There she is - stilllll smiling!
Some people tell me that I am the glue that keeps our family together and people gravitate to me. I think that is because of my actions and how I treat others.

I believe by sharing myself with others I help make their day better.  As I see it, this is a lifetime choice.  YES, I will continue to do this. I love to make people happy.”
THANK YOU MARGARET!  Just hearing about your outlook on interacting with others made me smile, and I didn’t even get your in-person hug!  If we are ever in the same place at the same time I will sure ask you for one.

How many people have YOU made eye contact with today?  Shared a smile with?  Or delivered a hug to??  All of those things are easy to give, they just take a watchful eye to find a receiver, a willing heart to share, and KINDNESS. 

Kindness Activism comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can be a big project, or a simple smile.  BE KIND.  Your kindness will inspire others to do the same.  If you have an example of kindness, please let me know.  Email me at .


  1. Margaret always makes me happy! Her smile is contagious and I love her hugs! :)

    1. :) A Margaret hug is a nice thing!!!

  2. Margaret always makes me happy! Her smile is contagious and I love her hugs! :)